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The Next Chapter in Wine Culture

Cuvée Collective is the first members only wine NFT club. Your membership gives you access to exclusive benefits and experiences within the world of wine.

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Welcome to the Collective

With Cuvée Collective, your NFT membership grants you exclusive benefits and experiences in-person and within the metaverse.

Our club has partnered with luxury wine brands to pioneer the way in which NFTs can bring people together with experiences in a single token.

Your membership is a resellable asset - and it grants access to the best experiences that wine culture has to offer.

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Club Access & Benefits


Become a founding NFT member of Cuvée Collective and enjoy our intial offering of benefits for the rest of 2022.


We have partnered with luxury wine brands to offer a unique selection of Wine NFTs, each with personalized benefits specific to the wine brand.


Our Vineyard NFT provides you with access to our digital experiences, as well as our exclusive Cuvée Collective luxury experiences.

Learn more about our Roadmap, Club Access and Benefits


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