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Club Access & Benefits

Cuvée Collective benefits are designed to make your experience in the wine world as rich and memorable as possible.

We have personalized exclusive experiences for our members across different NFTs. Each NFT provides club access, with additional in-person and digital benefits based on your NFT type.

Club Access Types

Artwork for the Collector NFT


Our genesis collection for Cuvée Collective, which provides the NFT holder access to all future NFT drops 24 hours before they are open to the public, as well as many other digital benefits.

Artwork for the Wine NFT


We have partnered with luxury wine brands to offer a unique selection of Wine NFTs, each with personalized benefits specific to the wine brand.

Artwork for the Vineyard NFT


Our Vineyard NFT provides you with access to our digital experiences, as well as our exclusive Cuvée Collective luxury experiences.

Cuvée Collective Benefits


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* Sommelier Hotline launching at a later date.

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